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    Hi! My name is Jennifer, welcome to my little corner of the universe! This is my place to show you who I am. So let's start with an introduction.

    I am a grad student. I study the star formation across cosmic time at Indiana University. This involves using the WIYN telescope to take optical and spectroscopic data of wide swaths of the sky. To find out more about my research interests, check out my research page.

    I am a science writer. I am an editor-at-large for the science blog on campus. This is a blog written and peer edited by grad students on campus. On here, I aim to make the astronomical field approachable to the general public with topics from stellar metallicity to the daily life of an observational astronomer.

    I am an author. From short stories to full length novels, I use my free time to let my imagination dictate the grand adventures that I will never embark on. My current project is a sci-fy planet hopping adventure that takes place 5 billion years in the future.

    I am a learner. Although these are my main interests, I also enjoy learning to bake, creating youtube videos, and building this website. I may be done with classes, but knowledge is powerful and I don't ever want to stop learning.